Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Privacy Door Hanger

We live in a great neighborhood. I like all my neighbors and all of our kids play together. However, my kids are the youngest in our group of houses an they still need rests in the afternoon. Sometimes the older kids ring the door bell right in the middle of nap time!! ACK!

Here is a new idea that I am sharing with you! It's s printable door hanger that you can use to let kids know that it is play time or not! Now that school is out the kids are just raring to go!

You can print it off on an 8.5x11 piece of card stock, cut out the hole (once folded trace and cut the hole on the second side) and laminate!

I have to say this idea wasn't original to me, I saw it on Pinterest. But sadly when I went to the blog I wasn't able to print the document. Do kudos to the mom that originally thought of this!


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