Monday, February 13, 2017

Paper Flower Bouquet - With Free Template | MapleSeeds Home Blog

I was feeling crafty today and blog-it-y too, hence this pretty post with the colorful flowers! Cleaning my craft room always leads to things like this! I found some old flower stems leftover from another project AND some old watercolor/salt paintings that my kids did years ago! I hate to throw things like that away, but really who has room to keep every scrap of art your kids make? SOOO I decided to make them into some paper flowers!

Flower stems, or floral wire or pipe cleaners
Hot glue/ Glue gun
Colored paper, or old artwork (preferably on stiff paper)
Paper Fasteners
Template (Below)

TEMPLATES: Right click and save to computer!
Print at 100%

 Print off the templates (I printed them on some scrap card stock that had other stuff printed on the backside). Cut out, trace each flower (3 different sizes each) on your artwork and cut out.

I printed the yellow centers on some card stock that I wanted to use for  the center color.

Once all the pieces are but out, lunch a small hole in the center of each piece and push a paper fastener through all the pieces. 

Bend the pieces towards the center of the flower to give it some movement. Then hot glue the paper fastener to the end of the flower stem and voila!!

Leave me a comment link if you make something using my paper flower template!