Friday, June 29, 2012

Host a Pinterest Party!

Anyone who is on Pinterest knows that the running joke is that we all pin and never do any of them! I think Pinterest is a great resource, so if you need a jump start to get some of your pins done, try hosting a Pinterest Party!!

Here is a free invitation printable to start off your Pinterest party! 
You could make it themed, have a girls night,  even do it near a Holiday and get some decorations made!

What is on your Pinterest To Do list??

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pretty Polkadot Background

I'm still learning and learning how to use photoshop. Today I saw a really cute little verse on Pinterest that inspired me to make a background for some scripture verses that I've been wanting to post in my kitchen.

So, I thought I'd share my little creation with you!

Here are the links to the blank psd. file and the one you see above with my verses in them in jpg. format. It is sized to print off on a 8.8x11 sheet of paper.