Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Pinterest Challenge!

**I've completed a few of my challenge pins! I think I'm running out of summer! :D

The running joke on Pinterest is that you spend most of your time "pinning" and less of your time actually doing all the cool things you have pinned! This summer I am putting out a challenge to actually DO some of those AWSOME ideas we've pinned on Pinterest!

If you need an invitation please feel free to message me and I can invite you to join Pinterest, also check out my boards and follow me!

So here is how the challenge is going to work:

  1. Choose 10 boards
  2. Choose 2 topics from each board to complete over the summer.
My suggestion would be to balance your projects, choose a few large ones, several medium sized ones and a few small ones. 

Here are my projects for the summer:
  1. Dresser Re-do (inspiration1, inspiration 2). (big)
  2. DIY Bleach T-shirt (small)
  1.  30 Day Challenge (big)
  2. Baby Bean (make or purchase) and Back drop (medium)
  1. Ruffle T-shirt (small)
  2. Casserole Tote (small)
  1. Bling my stand mixer (small)
  2. Old Window Picture Frame (small) I have just the window for this!!!

  1. Seedling Starters (Medium)
  2. Stacked Flower planter (medium)
  1. Chore Door Hanger (small)
  2. Devotional book (purchase) (small)
Now not all of these are direct links to patterns, but just inspiration for the projects I want to complete this summer. I hope to blog about the projects as I complete them!

Have fun and Happy Pinning!

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