Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mini Plant Hanger

I wanted some tiny hanging pots for my little shepherds hook in my front yard. After searching at some local green houses and stores I couldn't find anything that was small enough or very colorful.

I decided to purchase some small plastic pots and make my own hangers! Check out The Skinny for the original inspiration.

What you'll need:
1 metal ring (circular or D rings, I just used what I had in my craft stash).
twine or string 6 40-60 inch lengths (use a more plastic type string for outside use if you want it to last a while).
1 light weight plastic flower pots.

 Here is how I did it!
Measure and but the string, fold in half and insert the loop into the ring. Then pull the ends through the loop, securing the string around the ring:

Divide the string into 3 sections (4 strands each). Where you tie you knots depends on how long you want your hanger to be. Mine is fairly short so I measured down about 9 inches and tied a knot on each section of strings:

Then divide the sections in half again and taking 2 strands from 2 sections tie another knot 3 more inches down. Do this 3 times total:
Hope this isn't getting to confusing!

Divide and tie knots 3 inches down again, then 3 more inches down tie one large knot with all the strands and trim a tassle:

And there you have your mini plant hanger! 

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