Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sketch Books

A fun project we are doing this year is a drawing diary. I purchased some sketch books, these ones were about $4 and gathered up some markers, crayons and pencils. When we do something fun like a field trip or a cool science experiment I am going to have the boys "document" what they did by drawing a picture. This will help them remember what they learned as well as a fun activity (that will also be a "before dinner distraction"). :)

Here is an example of their work! W drew his bicycle in a tornado (the biking part really did happen, the tornado... not so much!). We went to "Bike Safety Town" and learned all about street signs and road markings.

L said the best part was going down the hill really fast! (He's 3).

What are some fun ways you get your kids to remember what they've learned?

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