Friday, December 9, 2011

What We Did This Week: Space!

This week our theme was Space! I have to say it was one of the boy's favorites from the first half of the year. As usual we got some books from the library, our two favorite books were:
  • I can read about Planets, by Darrow Schecter
  • Space Shuttles, by Gregory L. Vogt
My kids are pretty young, 5 and 3 so we tried to keep it simple. We learned about planets and did some coloring worksheets from, and we used a string to learn about orbit, I'll explain below!

On the day we learned about the space shuttle, we painted a picture of a rocket with sparkly stars!

Lately, instead of getting W to practice writing his ABC's I've been getting him to write out words that are part of the theme from that week. He is doing great and getting some sight learning in as well!

Check out some of these great videos from You Tube that we watched about the space shuttle! I just went to the site and typed in Space Shuttle

Here is a fun activity we did to learn about a planet's orbit!  All you need is a string and two people. One person stands still and will be the "sun" or "planted" that is being circled. The other person takes the string and holding onto the other end walks around the other person. This shows how an orbit always stays the same (for the most part).

If your kids are a little older you could make a planet mobile and experiment with a flashlight and ball to show day and night.

Have fun!

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