Friday, December 16, 2011

Fun Nativities for Kids

Do you have one of those Nativity sets that your kids are NOT allowed to touch? I do, not so much that it is expensive but that it has already been broken several times and repaired (the poor shepherd lost his foot again this year). I've always wanted to have a nativity that my kids could play with and handle, so here are some great ideas for just that!

A Printable Nativity (you can print the colored one, or the coloring book version one and let your kids decorate it themselves, thats what we did).

If you knit you could make this adorable soft knitted nativity (I'm in the midst of making this, it probably won't get finished this Christmas).

How about a gingerbread nativity!

Like Veggie Tales? There are also some pretty neat Lego and Play school plastic toy nativity sets.

Do your kids have their own Nativity? Mine do now!

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