Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spiral Math Fact Race Game

I have to thank TIPS blog for this game idea!! We didn't glue the cards to a poster board like she did, that way I thought we could change it up every time we played! The game was a big hit with my kids, although we may need a few lessons on sportsmanship and being a good sport even if you lose! Competitiveness runs in our family :). 

Here is what you need to play!

  • 1 dice
  • 1 deck of cards
  • start and finish labels (optional)
  • markers (we just used whatever the kids wanted, Lego man, blocks and a pencil sharpener)
First decide if you are doing addition or subtraction facts. Roll the dice and move forward in the spaces between the cards. Have the kids say the whole number sentence out loud for practice. First one to the end wins! 

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