Monday, December 10, 2012

Glitter Christmas Stars

We made these purty little stars to add a little glitter to our great room. Here's how we did it!

First collect some cereal boxes, the bigger the better!:

I just searched online for a star template, make sure it's a "fat" looking star. Cut it out and trace it on your cardboard, then cut them out. 

Draw a straight line from one star point to the opposite side on two of the points, so you have a center to work from.

On all the other points work from the center out.

Then using a dull pair of scissors or a bone tool if you have one, score all the lines.

Where the lines go out to a point, bend the score marks up and the lines that go to the inside of the star, bend those down.


We used Modge Podge, but a little watered down white glue would work also. Paint all over with the glue and cover with sparkles!

Let them dry completely and we also gave them a coat of clear spray paint.

Hot glue some ribbons on the back and enjoy! :)

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