Monday, July 26, 2010

So what do you do with the kids...? (TV Free Part 2)

So what do you do with your kids when you are trying to avoid the T.V.? It doesn't require you to be a 24/7 entertainer, there are plenty of activities you can get your kids involved with that they can do on their own, yes even preschoolers!

Here are some suggestions and some resources to get those creative juices flowing!


  • Make a fort

  • read

  • bake cookies

  • play dough

  • paint

  • colour in colouring books or on scrap paper (you could use extra large paper and get the kids to make wrapping paper)

  • write a letter/colour on a card to send to grandparents

  • make a get well picture for someone

  • get your kids to help clean (pick up toys, wipe tables, set the table for the next meal)

  • find some printables from the Internet for learning letters, numbers, colours, shapes ( is a great resource).

  • play a game, we like Pegs in the Park (a counting game)

  • use a Tag reader

  • Aqua doodle

  • Make some puzzles

  • make a craft

  • turn on some music and dance


  • finger paint

  • play in the sprinkler/kiddie pool

  • plant seeds

  • re-pot plants

  • pull weeds

  • climb trees

  • go for a bike ride/walk

  • help a neighbour

  • trampoline

  • sidewalk chalk (my kids love to make "paint" out of the chalk... it is messy but doesn't stain clothes.) Just give them a bucket of water to wet the chalk, or find a puddle after it rains! It makes really neat smeared artwork.

  • write a message for dad with chalk, when he comes home from work he can read it.

  • have a campfire in your backyard

  • use a hula hoop

  • jump rope

  • feed the birds

  • take a nature walk

  • go ice skating or sliding (you don't have to homeschool to use this site!)

What TV free activities do you do with you kids?

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